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TUPEL 3D is designed and made in Oxford UK

Dental Software -Tupel 3D Scanner
Dental 3D Scanner.jpg

Our dental scanner is specifically designed for dentists, it has:

Dedicated dental software to:

  • Record patient information,

  • Scan models, impressions, and dentures.

  • Powerful alignment algorithms to align upper and lower models.

  • Scan, align and crop all from one software package.

  • Dental holders designed for models, impressions, dies and dentures.

  • It's a FDA registered medical device, so you can use it for your patients with confidence.

  • The Tupel 3D Dental scanner can be used with the Tupel 3D general-purpose scanning software, so it can do everything the Tupel 3D scanner can do.

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Book a FREE product demo at your office or ours:

  • See TUPEL 3D in action

  • Talk to a 3D expert

  • Be assured that TUPEL fits you

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