Jewellery design without compromise



For jewellers who create groundbreaking custom fine jewellery, those who push the envelope of what’s possible, those who require absolute perfection — there is only Solidscape. Solidscape is the number one wax pattern 3D printer for jewellery and high precision investment casting, delivering:


  • Accuracy, precision and resolution like no other

  • Complex geometries and ultra fine detail

  • Directly castable wax — no trial and error required

  • Automatically generated support structures that dissolve completely

  • The best surface finish in the industry

Learn how Solidscape 3D printers for jewellers can help you achieve your your dreams

Superior wax models for superior custom fine jewellery



Beyond high resolution 3D printing



The Solidscape S300 Series prints with accuracy, precision AND resolution, resulting in the most perfect wax models in the jewellery industry. True-to-CAD builds in all three dimensions with stunning detail and superior surface finish — every time, print after print. Solid.


Superior materials, superior models



Solidscape directly castable wax model material is formulated

specifically for investment casting jewellery, RTV and silicone molds.

Melt-away support material dissolves completely, hands-free, leaving a 

pristine wax pattern ready for casting.

Solidscape is the leading manufacturer of high-precision 3D printers, materials Solidscape Inc.and software for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, with the ability to print solid models designed in CAD.


printers receive digital input from three-dimensional data files (such as STL and SLC) and create solid, three-dimensional parts through an additive, Solidscape 3Dlayer-by-layer process which produces a layer thickness from .0127mm to .0762mm and a resolution of [dpi] 5,000 x 5,000 x 8,000 XYZ. The patterns produced are extremely high resolution with vibrant details and outstanding surface finish.


The brand is widely recognised as the solution for critical manufacturing applications that require superior accuracy, ultra-fine feature detail and a smooth surface finish. Solidscape 3D printers are primarily used to produce "wax-like" patterns for lost-wax-casting, investment casting and mould making applications.


The printers are marketed worldwide and adopted in the manufacturing of small parts and assemblies used in Jewellery, Consumer Electronics, Biomedical products, Othopaedics, Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontic appliances, Railway & Hobbies, Video Games, Power Generation and Sporting goods. Solidscape holds a dominant competitive position within the jewellery design and manufacturing industry.


Solidscape Inc. was incorporated in February 1994 with global headquarters in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA and is a Stratasys, Inc (NASDAQ: SSYS) company since May 2011. With more than 4,000 systems installed in over 65 countries around the world, Solidscape is the 4th largest supplier of 3D printers according to the Wohlers Report.


Freeform Fabrication Limited is the primary Solidscape reseller in the UK & the Republic of Ireland. Sales and support are conducted directly by Freeform Fabrication from our Hertfordshire office, U.K.

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