Freeform Fabrication Limited is the primary Solutionix reseller in the UK & the Republic of Ireland.

Sales and support are conducted directly by Freeform Fabrication from our Hertfordshire office, U.K.

   Solutionix provide fully automated 3D scanning solutions for small and medium sized objects.

With a powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new scanners are a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry-level users.

Solutionix 3D D700 and D500

The compressed volume means that many more points are projected into a smaller area which creates super high resolution 3d scans for very small intricate parts. This scanner is ideal for jewellery, dental and small industrial objects such as turbo impellers.

D500 & D700 Series

The D500 is the entry level system with 2 megapixel cameras, while the D700 has 6 megapixel cameras and a point resolution of 0.029mm which makes it the choice for the most challenging of objects such as coins and jewellery.

  • Blue LED Scanning Technology

  • High Resolution Twin Cameras

  • Automatic Scanning Process

  • Automatic Calibration



Creating a scan program has never been so easy with EzScan software. One click of the mouse is all that is required to set the exposure of the cameras for the correct setting relative to the objects surface attributes eg. bright, shiny etc. Scan path generation can then be quickly generated to ensure all areas of the object of covered, then save as a program name for future batch scanning of the same component.

EZScan Solutionix - 3DScanning program
Full colour 3d scans

High Quality Colour Capture

The latest technology from Medit group captures vivid colour without the need for additional colour cameras.