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Laser welder Mega Silver-Elettrolaser

Evolution of the MegaHIT, the new Mega Silver inherits all the best features of this range, such as the wide welding chamber and double cooling system.

The real innovation in this machine is the new cavity which, when inserted into  the innovative ElettroLaser resonator, allows the generation of a special laser beam. Thanks to the homogenous nature of this laser beam, the energy is successfully distributed throughout the affected area. This dramatically improves the weld penetration into the workpiece allowing for easier distribution of the filler material and a superior surface finish!

Despite being designed primarily for silver or highly reflective materials, the Mega Silver is optimal for any use making it a great choice for laboratories or industries where you want the option of working on silver, but also work with other metals.

Available with energies of 150 and 180 Joules is indicated both for small goldsmith laboratories and for the industry.


It facilitates the silver welding thanks to the innovative cavity and its special resonator.
Improved surface finishing of the welds and better distribution of the filler material.


Main features

  • USB for external memory storage (optional)

  • Double powerful integrated cooling system

  • Wide welding chamber

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Integrated videocam

  • 36 month warranty


  • Silver welding also for mass productions

  • Welding of objects, usually inaccessible with welding flame or arc

  • Repair of watches, eyewear and other minutia

  • Repair of antique jewellery

  • Repair of settings without removing the stones

  • Welding of elements using filler material without the need of additional cleaning

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