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 Laser Engraver FiberLuxNano
 Laser Engraver FiberLux PRO 200
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 Laser Engraver FiberLux PRO
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 Laser Engraver FiberLux 3D

Laser engraving is a fast and efficient way of personalising jewellery. From simple jobs such as engraving on the inside of a ring to adding fingerprints to a locket, Freeform has the perfect laser engraver for you.

You’ll be able to engrave on the following:

  • All precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum.

  • Steel, including watch backs.

  • Titanium.

  • Engraving rings and bangles, inside and out.

  • Sheet metal.


  • Logos and brands.

  • Engrave patterns on flat object and rings.

  • Photo engraving.

  • Text.

  • Cutting, including name necklaces (up to 3mm!).

  • Engraving deep reliefs.

Why choose Freeform for your laser engraver?

We have the best range of laser engravers for jewellery in the UK, from portable laser engravers to the powerful machines up that can cut up to 3mm sheet metal, or laser engravers perfectly designed for ring engraving.

We offer unparalleled customer support when it comes to laser engravers, whether it is training and installation, or ongoing customer support with a product specialist.

Fiberlux Nano 30W Laser Engraver

The Fibrelux Nano laser engraver is brilliantly designed for engraving rings, with a specially built base plate, additional functionality on the software and a purpose-built rotary device. Quickly engrave ring after ring efficiently while still being able to engrave deep on flat material and cut up to 1.5mm.

Apex Laser Engraver

The Apex is the most powerful of the entry range, the 50W model can cut up to 2mm and the 80W up to 3mm. The Apex is also the most versatile of the laser engravers with the ability to engrave on rings, bangles, and on flat objects. The Apex is the heavy-duty laser engraver that has an interlocked door and fully enclosed marking area. With extraction you can easily collect all the valuable material dust.

Apex GO Laser Engraver

The Apex GO is the only portable laser engraver that is just as good in terms of marking quality, and as powerful as standard laser engravers. Easily dismantle the laser engraver to pack it in the travel suitcase to move from trade show to trade show.

The Apex GO laser engraver comes with a built-in PC with a keyboard and mouse, or alternatively use the touchscreen to operate the software. The 20W version is a perfect marking machine for top quality engravings, and the 50W version can cut up to 2mm meaning name necklaces can be ready in minutes.

Fiberlux Pro Laser Engraver

There is nothing the Fibrelux Pro cannot do!

From 100W machine for extremely high-speed cutting, 3D machines that can engrave signet rings from CAD files with autofocusing and purpose-built software designed perfect for top quality engravings. These are the top of the range laser engravers made for producing high quality and high-volume pieces.

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