We have been asked numerous times about the price of laser engravers.
At last, we can offer an affordable powerful laser engraving machine for deep engraving, fine marking and cutting!
This powerful product is getting more and more attention, thanks to the increased speed, high precision, rotary options for ring marking, low cost of maintenance and 3 years warranty.

Elettrolaser developed the Fiberlux NANO in response to demand from small and medium goldsmiths, silversmiths and service providers to create a compact laser marker at an affordable price.
The laser engraver allows designers to make a fine mark and detailed cutting at a smaller point compared with mechanical engravers. There is a greater level of control and a friendly intuitive software for design.

The 'mini’ model by ElettroLaser, is an adaptation of the large engravers of the 
FiberLUX series. It is designed to engrave and cut ALL metals, precious and non-precious, including platinum, silver, gold but also on steel, aluminium, titanium, special alloys and more.

It is equipped with a laser source in ytterbium-doped fiber optics and is a machine with low environmental impact and low maintenance.


It allows to engrave objects of any metal (gold, silver, steel etc.), in particular logos, brands, photo-engraving, texts, graphic designs and, using the high precision rotary axis system, the inside and the outside of rings (this one provided as an accessory).
With a maximum marking area of 160x160 mm and with resolutions up to 20 μm.



Space-saving, it offers a working room that is completely accessible thanks to the removable protective cover.

It is equipped with the innovative "user-friendly" focusing system with overlapping pointers, through the manual adjustment of the "Z" axis, and can be supplied with a camera for the working area, this for an optimization of the processing or for any remote assistance.

FiberLUX NANO is supplied complete with SOFTWARE, easy and intuitive, capable of importing files from the most well-known computer-design programs currently in existence (svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, etc.).

Also available in the SPECIAL VERSION for trademarks with which it is possible to affix the title based on the new reference protocol for the laser marking of precious metals and proceed to electronic punching through a simple USB token.



  • X & Y clamp, for fixing and positioning the pieces;

  • Rotary axis system (for engraving inside and outside the rings and more);

  • Internal camera;

  • Dust aspirator (to optimize the cleaning of the machine and the work area);




Ideal solution for shops, small/medium laboratories, to complete processing lines and for those who for the first time face the world of laser engraving and cutting.


affordable powerful laser engraving machine for deep engraving, fine marking and cutting.

Main features

  • Pulsed fiber laser

  •  Manual Z-axis regulation

  •  Small size

  •  Easy user-friendly software

  •  Ideal for small workshop

  •  36 month warranty


  • Engravings on rings, bracelets, medallions and flat surfaces

  •  Engraving of photographs, names, designs and logos, including trademarks

  •  Engravings on watch faces and eyewear of any metal material