DaDo smallest laser welder
DaDo smallest laser welder
DaDo smallest laser welder
DaDo smallest laser welder
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DaDo Laser Welder

Small and Versatile


The DaDo will change how you think about laser welding. It is no longer the domain of just the big production chains, with the price this low and the machine this compact anyone can get involved! 


The demand for laser welders has increased over the years for commercial use, and several jewellery makers swear by the efficiency and functionality of the DaDo welding machine. This laser welder is a dream-come-true for a lot of people, and its unique and intuitive design stands out in the trade.


Quick Facts:

  • The DaDo is low in cost - approximately a third of the price of larger laser welders at only £2,985 .

  • The DaDo is easy to use – user friendly and has an intuitive interface.

  • The DaDo is low maintenance – the only thing expected from the user is keeping the chamber clean.

  • The DaDo is compact – at only 40cm x 40cm x 40cm fits into any workspace!




  • Repairing fine jewellery

  • Assembly of pieces

  • Secure jump rings and other delicate mechanisms without risk

  • Repair and assembly of eyewear 

  • Prepare and repair dental and orthodontic fixtures



Traditional ARC welders are bulky to handle but good for certain uses, unfortunately, they usually cost an arm and leg. Instead, the DaDo welder is designed to replace them as a more versatile workshop tool, keeping your projects on time and your wallet safe!


The DaDo comes with a mobile app and voice assistant features that allow you to exercise complete control over your device. Or you can watch videos online to see the power comparison and the popular DaDo welder in action.