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Calibry Nest

Calibry Nest is a combination of two programs: one "built-in" (pre-installed in a 3D scanner) and one designed for a desktop or laptop. Calibry Nest is used to support both the scanning process and subsequent processing of scans.


Preview Mode


Scan Mode


Saving Data

Real-time preview allowing selection of the scanning mode and adjusting parameters such as choosing the right scanning angle, optimal distance, surface type, etc.

Aligned scanning modes based on markers, based on the geometrical characteristics of the object and based on its texture are available.

The scanner has a built-in hard disk on which the scan results are stored. Data transfer to a computer can be done via WiFi or USB.





Light brightness control

Calibry Nest allows full management of scan files from the display, it is also possible to delete unnecessary projects from the disk using the scanner display.

Advanced settings allow you to select the sensitivity level for particularly difficult objects or scanning outdoors.

You can adjust the brightness level of the light emitted from the projector to accurately reproduce texture quality and reduce noise.

Calibry Nest

Calibry Nest software that facilitates the scanning process.
It's simple and easy-to-use interface and built-in Calibry scanner screen will allow you to control the scanning process more accurately.


Scan Modes

After the scanning, the software allows you to easily transfer data from the scanner to your computer.
The software has two modes: simple and advanced.


Simple mode

Simple mode is designed to allow maximum fast and simple scanning, which does not require the user to advanced processing of scans. In this mode, only the basic functions are available, such as starting and ending scanning, thanks to which the digitization process is carried out quickly. Scanning in simple mode is ideal when working on objects with high repeatability - e.g. scanning people's silhouettes on a rotary table or scanning limbs for prosthetic purposes. The final processing of scanned data is done automatically, and the resulting model already contains imposed textures and is adapted for 3D printing.

Advanced mode

Advanced mode is designed for scanning various types of objects. It has many functions useful for more demanding objects. It allows, inter alia, to:

  • model simplification

  • matching several scans to one

  • lightening and darkening of textures

  • cutting out fragments

  • creating a watertight mesh

  • working on each frame separately or a group of frames at the same time

  • filling holes even with complex objects

  • focus adjustment

  • automatic removal of tags from the scan

  • exporting the scan to obj, stl, ply, wrml files



Calibry Nest is a comprehensive 3D scanning solution that provides support for the entire 3D scanning process and postprocessing of performed scans. As part of postprocessing, it is possible to determine the scan resolution, fill holes, pre-clean the model, remove the substrate from under the object (e.g. scans made on a rotary table), smoothing and sharpening the model, and reducing the weight of the resulting file.

The resulting files are compatible with 3D printers, they can also be imported into any CAD program for reverse engineering.

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