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Meet Calibry a mobile 3D Scanner

A professional device that allows you to scan what other scanners can’t. Sharp edges, items with a large amount of black in the design, and shiny objects. None of these are obstacles for Calibry.


Calibry was made for measurements and digitisation of medium to large objects from Industrial parts to the human body. It opens up a world of opportunities for product design, archiving, jewellery design, quality control, creative work and many more besides!


Learn about Calibry


The scanner has a built-in screen that displays the scanned object in real time to give you full freedom of work.


Calibry is light, weighs only 900 grams, which makes it mobile and handy even when scanning multiple objects.


The scanner operates at a rate of 30 frames per second, while allowing you to capture 3 million points per second. This means speed. Allowing you to scan a car in under 15 minutes and a human body in a couple of minutes.


Each device comes with an unlimited number of Calibry software licenses included in the standard kit and it integrates also with more advanced SW tools if needed.

The set can be extended with Geomagic software.


Calibry has a built-in high-spec camera, which makes the scanning process faster with high definition output.


The device gives you control over the scanning parameters, to scan the most difficult objects and obtain data of geometry, textures (i.e. object colors) or markers.


Calibry is a professional scanner with an entry level price.

In combination with its dedicated software and magnetic markers it allows you to work on individual objects such as a car door, and also the whole car for bigger scale projects.


Freeform Fabrication Limited is the leading Calibry reseller in the UK & the Republic of Ireland.

Sales and support are conducted directly by Freeform Fabrication from our Hertfordshire office, U.K.

professional . versatile . affordable










Black surfaces


You may be positively surprised

The Calibry 3D scanner is a professional innovative work tool of the highest quality. It has an embedded camera which is made and adapted to this product and it gives it the ability to recognise colours and an unmatched quality output

The hand-held unit comes with a built-in touch screen which makes the scanning experience comfortable while the user holds the control over the scanning modes and settings.

The software is advanced and it processes the acquired scan data in an fast and intuitive way.


To encourage you to purchase a scanner we're currently including some goodies with the standard package which includes a complete set of:

Calibry 3D scanner, calibration plate, 150 magnetic markers, online-training at a promotional price of:

£ 4,590

*The price does not include VAT.

3D Models

Screenshot (9).png








165 x 85 x 274 mm

Scan Accuracy

up to 0.1 mm

Source of light

White LED

Dimensional accuracy

Up to 0.1 mm per 1 m

Depth of Scan

55 - 95 cm

Texture resolution

2.3 MP

Multi-core processing



900 g

Texture scanning




Point resolution

Up to 0.6 mm

Scan field

Min: 280 x 360 mm
Max: 490 x 650 mm

Data capture speed

3 million points / sec

Working temperature

+ 5 / + 40 ° C

Scanning projects and applications

Professional Calibry 3D scanners are intended for industrial, commercial, academic, medical and creative use. It uses white light technology while ensuring user safety and accurate results.


Calibry works very well in digitising mock-ups, monuments and small architecture. It works very well in the open air, and a built-in display allows you freedom and practicality of work.




Scan the whole body in 1 minute including capturing hair details.

Preparation of a prosthesis model and verification of a posture defect. These are just a few of the various applications made possible for the medical industry.




Digitise an entire car or selected items in a short time. An easy scan of industrial machine elements, without having to dismantle them to inspect wear and tear, take measurements or 3D print  replacement components.



Free one day online training

We offer one day online training.

Our aim is to support our customers in the fast implementation of the scanning into their workflow.

 For new owners of the 3D Calibry scanner, our company conducts individual interactive one day on-line training and it is totally free of charge.

calibry-3d-szkolenie (1).png

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the scanner covered by warranty?


Yes, the scanner is covered by a 24-month warranty. During this time, any defects that are not the user's fault are repaired free of charge. You only need to send the scanner to an authorised service center.
After the warranty period, we also provide services related to the possible repair of the 3D scanner so that it can best serve your company.

Are my eyes safe while the scanner is working?

Yes, the scanner uses white LED backlight. Because LED light is not very focused (like lasers), has low intensity, and the exposure time is usually short (1-5 minutes), it is not harmful to the eyes of both the operator and the scanned person. However, we encourage patients with epilepsy or similar conditions to contact their physician before using the scanner.

What technology is used by the scanner and how does it work?

The device uses a solution called 'structured light' to build 3D surfaces. The basic concept is as follows:

1. The light pattern is projected onto the object using a built-in projector.

2. The light is reflected and the built-in cameras record deformation of the light grid.

3. This deformation is analysed in real time using powerful algorithms using a laptop or PC to which the scanner is connected.

4. This is done continuously (30 times per second), so the 3D image forms shape quickly, which we can immediately observe on the built-in screen.

What are markers? What are they for? Where can i get them? Are they necessary?

Markers are round, black and white stickers or magnets that are placed on an object before scanning. They guarantee that you will not lose alignment during scanning (this is a common problem with other scanners) and that you will receive high-quality data. You can print the markers yourself on an office printer, e.g. on self-adhesive paper. 300 magnetic reusable markers, you will receive in a set with a scanner, you can use them, for example, to scan a car. Once you needed more markers you can buy them. However, many objects or people can easily scan without using markers.

How fast should you move the scanner while scanning?

The Calibry scanner reads the scanned image very quickly. It is as much as 30 frames per second. It is worth paying attention to smoothly moving the scanner without jerks. Digitising the entire human body with a Calibry scanner takes about 2 minutes.

Why should i choose the Calibry scanner?


If you want to scan medium / large objects (20 cm - 10 m), you won't find a better solution at this price range. The Calibry scanner is perfect for scanning large, difficult objects, sharp edges, human figures with hair details as well as black and shiny objects.

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