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What is structured light scanning?

Structured light scanning involves projecting patterns of a preset structure onto a scanned object. Two cameras then take a series of images in the same area. Based on the deformation of the patterns, an algorithm generates a point cloud that is automatically triangulated into a triangle mesh describing the scanned shape.

Does 3D scanning damage the scanned part?

No, 3D scanning is a non-invasive manner, meaning that there is no contact with the object being examined, so the risk of damage to the object is eliminated.

How often do I need to calibrate the scanner?

Scanner give you notification on the screen if you need to calibrate. You can also check if qulitu of calibration using calibration test.

Can you merge one scan done in marker mode and one scan done in geometry mode?

Yes, there are no limitations

After aligning and finalizing these 2 scans, why are we still seeing this additional geometry on the merged result?

Becouse additional geometry was not removed from the frames

Why do you need the internet when working with the Calibry scanner?

To download factory calibration on first scanner connection and to check for updates of Calibry Nest

Why I have visible line on final scan?

Scanner need to turned during scanning to avoid the lines like below: You can watch how to Become an Expert in 3D-scanning below:

When scanning a human body, what is the best approach?

Make one scan in a spiral motion You can watch below, Webinar: Scanning humans:

What the best partise to Merging Scans?

Please whatch below Webinar: Merging Scans

How to make your scanning results better?

Please whatch below: Become an Expert in 3D-scanning


The Calibry Mini’s stated accuracy is up to 0.07mm (0.0027 inches). In this article we explain in detail