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ezScan software delivers unprecedented ease-of-use for result-driven professional 3D scanning workflows. It has increased data processing speeds and allows for a more productive and faster workflow. 

ezScan 9.jpg

Automatic Scanning Solution

User can complete the scanning process quickly and easily. ezScan has an easier to use interface. Each scan processing has never been easier as each function is laid out in clearer way to reduce errors and increase speed. Smart scan is a new feature in ezScan which automatically finds 10 path that wasn’t properly scanned in the auto scan and perform additional scans automatically. If users still want to scan additional sections, they can easily do so by using the ‘Active sync’. Active sync easily synchronizes the scan image view on the screen with the actual object on the scanner to the same view so it’s intuitive and easier than ever to operate.

Enhanced Scan Data Processing

ezScan provides superior scan data processing with an improved merge algorithm. It allows easy processing of parts(areas) that are difficult to obtain adequate scan data. Through functions such as watertight scan data form, scan data suitable for 3D printing, and analysis can easily be exported without using another design software.

The deep and narrow part of the object is difficult to obtain scan data.

Recovers fine details from noisy or sparse scan data and intelligently detects holes, and automatically fills the holes.

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