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3D scanning of Gemstones

Tupel 3D's ability to scan highly reflective, transparent surfaces, as well as objects with multiple sharp edges, is impressive.

After a bit of spraying of the shiny gemstone with AESUB Orange 3D Scanning Spray, the process is fully automated and results in ultra-sharp scans.

To see this translucent diamond captured down to its tiniest imperfections, watch our video below.


The scanner's ability to automatically select the best scanning path and rotate the Gemstone ensures a clean scan. The 3D scans are perfect for a variety of applications, from reverse engineering and quality inspection to jewellery manufacturing & design. , Tupel 3D is right there on your desktop, bringing all the brilliance of high-resolution 3D scanning into your workflow.

Watch this YouTube and Gemstone 3D Scans:

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