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Laser Engraving machines - FiberLUX LITE

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The ‘Lite’ version is derived from the FiberLUX series and is undoubtedly the finest laser for cutting and marking, thanks to the use of ytterbium-doped fiber optics with low environmental impact and low maintenance (up to 50,000 hours of operation).

Even more suitable for possible integration on production lines and /or process systems, FiberLUX Lite can be used to mark objects of any metal, engrave photographs, logos, trademarks and texts with a maximum dimension of the marking area of 180x180 mm and with resolutions of up to 20 μm.

The machine is small, with a fully accessible working chamber thanks to the absence of hatches.
Today, the FiberLUX Lite family offers a range of powers from 20 W to 100 W to cover all your production needs.

Equipped with a motor-driven Z-axis with resolution of movement up to 0.01 mm, and an innovative, user-friendly focus system with overlapping pointers, it can also be equipped with a videocam inside the laser chamber, for optimization of processing or possible remote assistance.

FiberLUX Lite is supplied complete with software capable of importing files from the most well-known computer-design programs currently in existence (svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, etc.), and also with specific cutting software Made by ElettroLaser.

Every machine can be supplied with a range of optionals such as: high precision rotating axis system, electro-pneumatic plate driver, exhaust fan, clamp for blocking pieces, movable in the X and Y axes, and a system of pneumatic hatch opening.

Main features

  • Pulsed laser source in fiber
  • D.S.P. Technology
  • Red double pointer for positioning
  • Z-axis with 'stepper motor' controlled by software
  • USB interface for connection
  • Cooling via forced air
  • Small size
  • Ready for the 'Trademark’
  • High frequency scanner head, 1 Mhz
  • Software for cutting 'Made by ElettroLaser'
  • 24-month warranty
Output power 20W | 30 W | 50 W | 70 W | 100 W
Wave length 1064nm
Accuracy 12 uRad
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power 300 W | 300 W | 300 W | 450 W | 450 W
Machine dimensions (LXDXH) 450 x 750 x 670 mm
Working space dimensions (LXDXH) 250 x 250 x 350 mm
Weight 55 g | 55 g | 55 g | 60 g | 60 g
Focal 100: Marking area/spot 60 x 60 mm / 11 um
Focal 160: Marking area/spot 110 x 110 mm / 26 um
Focal 210: Marking area/spot 160 x 160 mm / 34 um
Speed of galvo head up to 7000 m/s
Max pulse energy up to 1,5 mJ
Max frequency 1000 KHz
Cooling system air cooling
Pulse duration 10 to 200 ms
Laser type IV
Lite version available yes | yes | no | no | no



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