Produce impossibly detailed, directly castable wax models for jewellery. Developed specifically for investment casting jewellery, Midas is optimised to ensure clean burn out without changing your casting process.

Midas is Solidscape’s most durable material ever, with a 50% strength improvement over previous generations. This increased durability enables designers to incorporate even more intricate details with thinner walls into their work. As a result, they can produce lighter weight finished products, offering savings in precious metal which in turn allows them to meet their pricing strategies. Midas also features

100% castability with no material shrinkage.

  • 50% Stronger

  • 100% Castability with no material shrinkage

  • “Crayon” form offering simplified dust-free loading of pre-measured amounts that eliminates operator error

  • Bar code identification for better quality assurance

  • Safe, non-toxic – no special waste disposal


Melt-J Dissolvable Support for Custom Fine Jewelry
and Melt-I Dissolvable Support for High Precision Investment Casting

Create smooth wax jewellery models that require virtually no finishing. Melt-J dissolvable support material is engineered to melt away completely and quickly in a non-toxic, hands-free process.

Melt-J and Melt-I dissolvable support automatically generate a support structure to protect the part during the build process. This saves on labour initially by eliminating the need for CAD designers to configure support structures during the design of new pieces. Once the printing is completed, labour is saved again because the Melt-J and Melt-I support material completely dissolve away in a liquid solution, leaving an extremely smooth finished wax part of intricate geometries without the need for manual refining.

This hands-free process can safely deliver the most delicately featured and intricate wax masters that are immediately ready for investment casting or mould making.

  • Hexagonal “crayon” form offering simplified dust-free loading of pre measured amounts that eliminates operator error

  • Improved build performance

  • Low melting point

  • Bar code identification for greater quality assurance



For use in Solidscape legacy 3D printers for the digital manufacturing of a various applications.

Organic Compound - Melting Point 221° - 239°F (95° - 115°C), Non-toxic; registered by TSCA.


Working Process - Printer jet expels micro droplets at a high frequency to build a model in a layer-by-layer process.

Key Benefits - Stronger compound produces a more durable model while retaining the same casting results as InduraCast.

Test results indicate it to be up to 30% stronger than the previous generation of Solidscapes's build materials and the

increased durability enables designers to incorporate even more intricate details with thinner walls into their work to

produce lighter weight finished master models.

The outstanding performances of the plusCast material in terms of higher durability and 100% castability with no

material shrinkage brings benefits to critical application such as lost-wax investment casting and molding making.

From jewelry manufacturers and custom retailers that can save in precious material to dental labs can be even more

fine at the margin lines.




For use in Solidscape legacy 3D prints for jewelry and other non-dental applications.

 Wax Blend - Low Melting Point 121° - 162°F (50° - 72°C), Non-toxic; registered by TSCA 


Working Process - Printer jet expels micro droplets at a high frequency to create a support structure around the model.

Post printing, the resulting structure dissolves in a liquid solution process

Key Benefits - Saves on Labor, no need to design support structures. hands-free removal safely produces a clean wax model,

dramatically reducing the need for post processing refinement.

This hands-free process can safely deliver the most delicately featured and intricate wax masters that are immiediately ready

for investment casting or mold making




Refined non-aqueous solution used to remove dissolvable support wax at a lower temperature.


Working Process - The models are beeing washed in the solution and the support dessolve in the oil.

Key Benefits - Hands-free support structure removal. Produces a clean wax model.