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Speed up your custom fine jewellery business


The new S390 high precision 3D printer for jewellers delivers all the extraordinary precision and accuracy you’ve come to expect from Solidscape — now with a faster print speed. Design more innovative custom jewellery. Build more perfect, directly castable wax models. Thrill more customers. Do more with the Solidscape S390 with Solidjet technology.


S390 high precision 3D printer for jewellery with Solidjet technology




The S390 automatically generates support structures to protect even the most fragile design elements, and our support structures dissolve away completely, leaving pristine, durable wax models ready for casting. If you can dream it, you can print it. No need to build supports one by one in CAD and remove them by hand after casting.


  • Perfect details, crisp edges, complex geometries

  • The best surface finish in the industry

  • Directly castable wax — no trial and error required

Learn how to do more with the S390 — faster

Solidscape’s dissolving support

Other printers require clipping and sanding

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