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The most reliable 3D printer

Zortax M200 Plus.png

Ready for rapid manufacturing

The M200 Plus 3D printer is designed for reliable, continuous operation over long periods of time. Industrial-grade build quality minimizes maintenance costs and guarantees repeatable, dimensionally accurate results.

Material end detection

Advanced cooling system

Built-in camera

3D printing is paused
when the material runs out.

Cooling system guarantees
the highest efficiency.

3D printing process can be monitored remotely.

Wide range of filaments

Wide range of dedicated and third-party filaments is supported.

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User-friendly design

Zortrax M200 Plus is a Plug & Play 3D printer, ready to work right out of the box. It can be controlled manually via an intuitive touchscreen or remotely over Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. 

Previews of digital models loaded into its expandable memory are displayed on the screen to make selecting the right model easier. The interface is constantly improved with new functionalities added with firmware updates.


3D printing has been invented as a rapid prototyping technology but today it can do a whole lot more.
Zortrax FDM 3D printers work in various industries ranging from education through health care to aerospace.

Prototyping consumer products

Making consumer products takes a lot of prototyping. Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer can make this process faster and more affordable.

Architecture modeling

Architectural scale models require millimeter precision to get the proportions right. Zortrax M200 3D printer can automate this process.

3D printed educational props

Custom made educational props are useful in anatomy courses. Zortrax M200 Plus can 3D print them at a cost well below the market price.

Large scale manufacturing

Large production plants can save up to 99% on spare parts by 3D printing them on the spot. 3D printing farms can handle it with ease.

Medical models

Aerospace engineering

Making robotics easier

Automotive research and development

3D printed models can be based on CT scans. Such models are useful in facial reconstruction and planning of surgeries among others.

NASA uses Zortrax 3D printers to prototype tools for astrounauts working onboard the International Space Station.

Building successful robots is a challenging task. With Zortrax M200 3D printer iterating through different designs becomes easy.

Modeling in clay is a usual way to make early stage concepts in the automotive industry. Former Ferrari engineers found 3D prinitng faster and more efficient.


Build your 3D printing farm

With Zortrax M200 Plus connected, your computer becomes the command center of smart, reliable manufacturing. Wi-Fi module installed in Zortrax M200 Plus offers a fitting alternative for the file transfer between computer and the 3D printer.


With the M200 Plus, your computer becomes a hub of flexible manufacturing. Networking of multiple 3D printers is fast and simple.


Manage all your 3D printers easily from a screen of your computer. Divide work between the devices to finish it quickly.


Rely on the smart functionalities like material end detection, upgraded extruder, build platform and camera for the risk-free 3D printing.

Zortax M200 Plus.png

Zortrax M200 Plus

  • Works in the LPD technology

  • Has a 200 x 200 x 180 mm workspace 

  • Has Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity

  • Has a failsafe response feature

  • Offers compatibility with flex-type materials

  • Compatible with glass or perforated build platforms

  • Has a filament endstop mechanism

  • Works with third-party filaments

Specification for Zortrax M200 Plus

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