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The DiaTrue CXL is a fast scanner which can Detect CVD & HPHT lab-grown diamonds. It can also see CZ, Moissanite and even CZ coated with CVD. The Diatrue CXL is also easy to use thanks to its embedded 10.9" touchscreen which it displays its results in clear and easy to read colours.

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Detects CVD & HPHT lab-grown diamonds, can also see CZ, Moissanite, and even CZ coated with CVD.


Scans in approximately 20 sec then displays results in clear and easy to read colours.


Ability to create & print certificate, Save and archive data on the tablet and Zoom & print results


  • Embedded touchscreen computer & mouse.

  • 10.9" touch screen display.

  • Light Source: UV Light.

  • Voltage: 110/220 V.

  • 3 tray levels area size 13x10 cm (stones tray, rings
    jewellery and bracelets tray).

  • Dimension : L 28 x W 27 x H 36 cm.

  • Weight: 8 kg.

  • All types of jewellery and mounted combinations.

  • Melee parcels and loose diamonds.

  • Recommended colour range: D-K.

  • Convenient, self-contained unit.

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