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Laser Wleder Master S

One of the most recent developments of ElettroLaser, the Master S inherits all the product innovations of its predecessors.
It was developed mainly to satisfy the needs of combining high working power with long lamp life. And, thanks to the new lamp and innovative technology, ElettroLaser now produces the best laser on the market with very low maintenance requirements.

By combining a large welding chamber, an integrated webcam with display of the operations directly on the 7” LCD display, and a WI-FI connection for Remote control and network usage, ElettroLaser has created a welder perfect for use in small workshops or in small to medium-sized factories.


The long-lasting lamp is guaranteed a high number of flashes at an intensity of 130 J.
This makes it ideal also for silver welders.

Main features

  •  7” colour touch screen display

  •  One hundred programmable memories

  •  Leica 10x stereomicroscope

  •  LCD shutter with high luminosity

  •  Joystick inside the welding chamber

  •  LED illumination

  •  Long-lasting lamp

  •  Integrated videocam

  •  Wi-Fi connection

  •  36 month warranty


  •  Ideal for silversmiths.

  •  Welding precious metals like platinum, titanium, gold, silver, palladium.

  •  Repair of antique jewellery.

  •  Repair of settings without removing the stones.

  •  Repair of watches, eyewear and other minutia.

  •  Welding of elements using filler material without the need for additional cleaning.

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