Laser welder - Elettrolaser Mega HIT

Equipped with a large welding chamber, MegaHIT is now one of the lasers that offers the greatest flexibility as regards both the power and size of the objects it can weld.

It is also equipped with a double cooling system that permits intensive use even under extreme environmental conditions.

A large welding chamber, integrated webcam with display of the operations directly on the 7” LCD display, WI-FI connection for entry of the machine in a network, or parametrization of the machine by remote control complete this picture of an innovative welding laser.

The machine is able to reach an energy output of 100 J to 140 J for the maximum flexibility of use in small workshops or in small to medium-sized factories with continuous production.


Bulky objects are no longer a problem, thanks to the large new welding chamber.
Double cooling system ideal for intensive uses.


Main features

  •  7” Color touch screen display

  •  Preloaded tutorials

  •  Leica 10x stereomicroscope

  •  Double integrated cooling system

  •  Internal joystick

  •  Large welding chamber

  •  Wi-Fi connection

  •  Cold white LED light illumination

  •  Integrated videocam

  •  36 month warranty


  •  Excellent for silversmiths

  •  Welding precious metals like platinum, titanium, gold, silver, palladium

  •  Repair of antique jewelry

  •  Repair of settings without removing the stones

  •  Repair of watches, eyewear and other minutia

  •  Welding of elements using filler material without the need of additional cleaning