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Omni LITE- industrial standards 3D printer



Machine for demanding customers with quick and easy operation
with industrial standards.

Now available in a new release after rebranding and technological changes
for better print quality and user experience!

Omni LITE- industrial standards 3D printer

Build volume 460 x 460 x 560 mm
You can print large objects or multiple smaller models at once.


2 extruders with filament presence sensor
The machine is equipped with dual heads which
make it possible to print on both sides of the fabric
during one printout, the main build
and the support material.


Printer farm management
The possibility of remotely building and managing a printer set.


Printer management by website
The printer can be managed through a dedicated website, so you can easily start printing and control
the process remotely.

Omni3D Cooling System™

Extruder direct cooling system.

Omni3D Filament Flow Control™

Filament flow can be controlled

Omni3D Air Circulation™

Adjusting the temperature of the
printout on its entire surface.

Omni3D Head Leveling Control™

Automatic extruder height control system

Omni3D Platform Autoleveling System™

Automatic table leveling system.

Omni3D Web Control™

Remote preview of 3D
printout by the camera.

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